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  1. Design Procedure for High-Frequency Operation of the Modified Series-Resonant APWM Conver ter to Reduce Size and Circulating Current
  2. Full Feedforward of Grid Voltage for Discrete State Feedback Controlled Grid-Connected Inver ter With LCL Filter
  3. Leakage Current Reduction in a Single-Phase Bidirectional ACDC Full-Bridge Inver ter
  4. Novel Nonisolated High- Voltage Gain DCDC Conver ters Based on 3SSC and VMC
  5. Fully Digitalized Implementation of PFC Rectifier in CCM Without ADC
  6. Low-Cost Direct T orque Control Algorithm for Induction Motor Without AC Phase Current Sensors
  7. An Improved Pulse Width Modulation Method for Chopper -Cell-Based Modular Multilevel Conver ters
  8. A ZVS Interleaved Boost AC/DC Conver ter Used in Plug-in Electric Vehicles Nonisolated ZVZCS Resonant PWM DCDC Conver ter for High
  9. Step-Up and High-Power Applications
  10. A ZVS Grid-Connected Three-Phase Inver ter
  11. T wo-Switch Dual-Buck Grid-Connected Inver ter With Hysteresis
  12. Current Control Four Quadrants Integrated T ransformers for Dual-Input Isolated DCDC Conver ters
  13. Single-Phase to Three-Phase Power Conver ters: State of the Ar t
  14. Dynamic Per formance Evaluation of Sensorless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives
  15. Three-Phase PushPull DCDC Conver ter - Analysis, Design, and Experimentation
  16. Cascade Dual-Boost Buck Active-Front-End Conver ter for Intelligent Universal T ransformer
  17. Adaptive Current Control for Grid-Connected Conver ters with LCL Filter
  18. An Analog T echnique for Distributed MPPT PV Applications
  19. Two-Loop Controlled BuckSEPIC Conver ter for Input Source Power Management
  20. Modularized Bidirectional Grid-Connected Inver ter with Constant Frequency Asynchronous
  21. Control Strategy for Input-SeriesOutput-Parallel High Frequency AC Link Inver ters Comparison of a Sliding Obser ver and a Kalman Filter for Direct T orque
  22. Controlled IPM Synchronous Motor Drives
  23. Real- Time Implementation of Bi Input-Extended Kalman Filter based Estimator for Speed Sensorless Control of Induction Motors
  24. Rotating-Sliding-Line-Based Sliding-Mode Control for Single Phase UPS Inverters
  25. Step-Up DC to DC Conver ters With Cascaded Quasi Z-Source Network
  26. Direct-Flux Vector Control of IPM Motor Drives in the Maximum Torque per Voltage Speed Range
  27. Efficiency-Optimized High-Current Dual Active Bridge Conver ter for Automotive Applications
  28. Robust Nonlinear Predictive Controller for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with an Optimized Cost Function
  29. On the Input Resistance of a Reconfigurable Switched Capacitor Dc to Dc Conver ter based MPPT of a Photovoltaic Source
  30. Hybrid Resonant and PWM Conver ter With High Efficiency and full Soft Switching Range

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