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  1. Research and Implementation of Access Control System Based on RFID and FNN-Face Recognition --- (JAN 2012)
  2. A design of self-ser vice speech explaining system Based on RFID --- (APR 2012)
  3. RFID based indoor location determination for elderly tracking --- (APR 2012)
  4. Orientation Sensing Using Multiple Passive RFID Tags --- (JAN 2012)
  5. Passive UHF RFID-Based Localization Using Detection of Tag Inter ference on Smar t Shelf --- (APR 2012)
  6. Identifying passive UHF RFID tags using signal features at different T ari durations --- (APR 2012)
  7. Location Based Ser vices and Museum Information Systems --- (FEB 2012)
  8. On the Design and Deployment of RFID Assisted Navigation Systems for VANETs --- (MAY 2012)
  9. Mutual Authentication Protocol for Enhanced RFID Security and Anti-counter feiting --- (MARCH 2012)
  10. A hybrid RFID-LPR system for vehicle access control during Pilgrimage season in Saudi Arabia --- (MAY 2012)
  11. Performance analysis of speed detection in Bus Detection Devices -(BDD) --- (MARCH 2012)
  12. A hybrid method for achieving high accuracy and efficiency in object tracking using passive RFID --- (MARCH 2012)
  13. Self-recognition of Vehicle Position using UHF Passive RFID Tags --- (JAN 2012)
  14. An RFID-Based Position and Orientation Measurement System for Mobile Objects in Intelligent Environments --- (JAN 2012)
  15. A novel method for UHF RFID tag tracking based on acceleration data--- (April 2012)
  16. A proposal for using the internet of things concept to increase children's health awareness--- (FEB 2012)
  17. A hospital resource and patient management system based on real-time data capture and intelligent decision making --- (MAY 2012)
  18. RFID tag antenna embedded in concrete structures for constr uction industry--- (MAY 2012)
  19. Privacy-preser ving RFID authentication based on crypto graphical encoding --- (MARCH 2012)
  20. An RFID-Based Toolbox for the Study of Under - and Outside-Water Movement of Pebbles on Coarse-Grained Beaches --- (MAY 2012)
  21. Sensing-enabled defenses to RFID unauthorized reading and relay attacks without changing the usage model --- (MARCH 2012)
  22. The Development of an Intelligent Campus Equipment Ubiquitous-Management System --- (June 2012)
  23. Coordination of distributed systems through self-organizing group topologies --- (June 2012)

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